The Agricultural Cooperative of Agioi Apostoloi

Years and years, the local farmers lived their simple lives with hard work and no fair compensation. Until some pioneers found the solution to overcome the difficulties. Because where there is goodwill, prudence, and a willingness to work alone, a way to progress is found. The pioneers’ idea was simple and logical. Everyone had to see and believe what was obvious, unite their forces to become stronger.

So, not long after in the beautiful Vatika of Laconia, across from the island of Aphrodite, Kythira, the historical rock of Monemvasia, and next to the world’s oldest submerged city, Pavlopetri, they established a modern olive oil factory in 1982. For 40 consecutive years, it has been offering its services to its members and beyond. It has seized every possible opportunity for the benefit of hardworking peasant farmers, trying to secure a decent income for themselves and their families, encouraging them not to abandon the land they toil and care for.

Since 1982

Thus, the primary objectives of the cooperative are:

  • The processing of olives and the production of extra virgin olive oil.
  • The standardization and distribution of olive oil.
  • The protection of farmers and members of the cooperative.
  • The preservation of the olive farming tradition in Vatika.

The olive harvesting season in Vatika begins in the late days of September. The climatic conditions of the region, along with the unique variety of Athenolia olives, allow us to produce olive oil before the harvest begins in other areas. As a result, our cooperative is the first to offer consumers fresh extra virgin olive oil worldwide!

Today, the cooperative has one of the most modern olive mills in Greece, meeting the latest safety and quality assurance specifications for the olive oil it produces. The production of olive oil takes place at low temperatures that do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius to preserve all of its valuable components, including antioxidants, vitamin E, and polyphenols. The olive mill’s capacity reaches approximately one thousand tons of extra virgin olive oil, with acidity levels ranging from 0.25% to 0.5%.

Additionally, our cooperative also has a modern packaging facility to package the extra virgin olive oil and make it available to consumers.